New Narrative Project

The New Narrative Project involves partnering with educational institutions and community organizations to reframe historical and contemporary narratives surrounding Native Americans to ensure a more socially just future for Native people and their communities. Contact Amanda Funk with any speaking requests.

Presentation for Native Women Writers class at Kutztown University, Fall 2021
  • School/classroom presentations
  • Library story times
  • K-12 and higher ed curriculum revision consulting
  • Community lectures and events
  • Environmental education through an Indigenous lens
  • Special topic programs

Firekeepers Youth Program

The Firekeepers Youth Program offers enrichment opportunities that promote the health and development of Native American youth ages 12-18 within an indigenous context. The program teaches Native youth what it means to “keep the fire” of our cultures and our people and how to live mno bmadzewen, a good life, in the traditional Native American worldview. We align this instruction to the Seven Grandfather Teachings of Anishinaabe tradition: love, honesty, respect, bravery, humility, wisdom, and truth. This community-based program will include a combination of monthly meetings, special programs, social gatherings, cultural activities, community service, and educational field trips for Native American youth and their peers.

Alannah (Citizen Potawatomi Nation), Grade 7, Wilson Southern Middle School 2021

Email for more information about programs.

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