Among our first advocacy goals will be to have our community practice celebrating historical figures who helped to create a more peaceful and just world.

To that end, we encourage our state and local governments to renounce Columbus Day (October 12) and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day, celebrating the lives and resiliency of the First People of this continent and the surrounding islands.

We would also love to see our community do more to recognize Native American Heritage Month in November, promoting visibility of Native people through community events and educational opportunities. We will also promote an accurate picture of the history of Thanksgiving and what exactly happened on that legendary day.

Please reach out to Widoktadwen Center for Native Knowledge if your organization would like to partner with us for any community events.

Guides for Activists

Indigenous Peoples Day Toolkit by IllumiNative
Insights & Action Guide by IllumiNative
Campaigns by NDN Collective (Climate Justice, Racial Equity, and Education Equity)
Position Paper: Mobilizing an Indigenous Green New Deal by NDN Collective

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