Community Health

We offer community health support for the local Indigenous community and any others who are seeking healthy relationships with themselves, their environment, and their communities.

Need assistance finding health insurance on the public marketplace? We can help! We are a proud Pennie Community Partner. Meet with a certified Pennie Assister to help you search for and enroll in a Pennsylvania health plan of your choice. There is no charge for this service, and we work for you–not any insurance company.

Did you know? You can now enroll in health coverage through Pennie by filling out a form on your taxes called the Path to Pennie! Just fill out form REV-1882 on your tax return and Pennie will send you information on how much you can save on health coverage!

Resource Links

Urban Indian Health Institute
Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health
Indian Health Service
First Nations Development Institute
Native Wellness Institute
Urban Indigenous Collective
National Council of Urban Indian Health
Center for Native American Youth
Healthy Native Youth
White Bison
Sovereign Bodies Institute
National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center
Native American Lifelines of Baltimore
National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition
National Urban Indian Family Coalition
New York Indian Council, Inc.
We R Native

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